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Is It Always Essential To Wear A Wig Cap?

Posted on August 21 2018

Wig caps have been a point of contention ever since their creation. While if you are in the theater wig caps seem to be an essential tool to help keep the wig on your head and protect your natural hair, for some wig caps hinder instead of add to the security and overall comfortability of the wearer.

Do I Need to Wear a Wig Cap?


Wearing a Wig Cap Is Up To Your Personal Preference

As with your choice of whether or not you are wearing a wig in the first place, wig caps are a personal preference. Similarly to specialized makeup techniques or skin care regimens, it is up to your scalp and your desired look as to whether or not wearing a cap is the best decision to achieve what you want. Below is some more information as well as some pros and cons to help you decide if this is the path for you.

If You Have Hair...

My personal belief - as someone with natural hair - is that wig caps are an essential to keep your natural hair protected and out of the way - especially if with the wig you are changing up your hair color dramatically. However, at the same time, wig caps can be incredibly sweaty and uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods of times and based on how long you are wearing it, some people complain of headaches after long term wearing. To prevent sweat from damaging your wig, and to improve comfort, we do offer a fantastic wig liner!

If You Don’t Have Hair...

One of the greatest pros for wig wearers without hair is that wearing a cap can provide a protective barrier to protect against any scratchy or uncomfortable feelings you may experience. It can also help keep the wig from slipping throughout the day and give the wig some structure it may otherwise be lacking. However, at the same time, wearing a cap can sometimes get a bit warm; and with the weight of the wig, the heat can feel uncomfortable and for those who have sensitive skin, the nylon fabric can cause the scalp to sweat more or even cause a rash to flare up.


Wig Caps

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, it really does all come down to personal preference. Based on comfortability and desired effect, wig caps may be the totally wrong choice for you or may be the best choice; or it may even depend on the wig and on the day. Regardless, I believe it is good to have at least one on hand for days where wearing a cap may be essential, however, do what is best for you and the look you want to achieve.

So, what do you think? What is your experience with wig caps? Let us know in the comments below!

Special thanks to guest writer Alyce Eyer for this article!


  • Damaris cajina: October 10, 2018

    I really dont ware the wig cap because my scalp breath better ! I only take of if i want to clean it and ware another style i like to collect them .great for special ivents and costly. Hair salons wigs make
    Woman. Beutifule if you care for them properly! I’m waiting for a new one from a zoe.saldana. look? If i like it then i need. Not to look enywhere else! Thank you! Melanis

  • Claire: October 10, 2018

    I have worn wig caps and most times they ride up in the back and the wig moves front. Very embarrassing. I just might the panty hose trick.

  • Karen: October 10, 2018

    My hair is short, pixie-like. I have worn wig caps, the nylon or netted ones. But sometimes they slip, which defeats the purpose of it. My hair is red and some of my wigs are close in color so the cap isn’t necessary. I use the roll—on sticky stuff (multiple brands available) at the hairline and it holds the wig in place. For my blond wigs, I first secure the nylon wig cap in place with the sticky stuff and then use it again at the hairline for the wig itself. Works well.

  • Alice: September 07, 2018

    I generally don’t wear caps because they seem to slip. I do still have bio hair I put in pin curls at the base of my scalp to keep the back sliding up. The front I secure with got2b (lace fronts) or a bamboo headband.

  • Nina Panek: September 04, 2018

    I found that making a headband out of a knee high stocking and wearing that underneath your wig is the best solution for me. Makes the edges of the wig comfy without being hot and tight on your head because you can adjust the size! Saw it on YouTube and haven’t looked back.

  • Phyllis Martin: October 23, 2018

    I have purchased at least 4 voltage wigs by Raquel Welch. Only 1 was good. I didn’t send the others back because l styled them and they had product on them. I am willing to give it another try providing l can still have the 30% off when they are back in stock. Thank you. Phyllis Martin

  • Michelle : August 31, 2018

    I’ve tried all kinds of caps and the one I like the most is a bamboo cap. It’s very light, cooler than nylon, and it fits my average\large head comfortably. No headaches.

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